Fiduciary Advisors, RIA Enterprises and Family Offices retain our outsourced chief investment officer services, multifaceted research network, and practice management experience to enhance the value of their unique advisory businesses, support a transition of channel or personnel, and differentiate from an increasingly commoditized old way of thinking.

Advisor-centric and client-focused, we seek for your business to flourish with growth in happy high net worth clients, revenues, and assets. Empowered has proven frameworks that can help you focus and refine your unique investment process and discipline.

Our relationship with your firm is best suited to support Advisor as Portfolio Manager solutions, Advisors in Transition to independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), Enterprises with risk management oversight needs, and other unique circumstances where end-client portfolios should not, or cannot, be shoehorned into a standardized model map or retrofit institutional product.


Founder, Michael Hakerem, has access to an agile workforce of skills and expertise across internal and external talent pools of Chartered Financial Analysts®, domain experts, product specialists, technologists, transition consultants, and programs that enable you to access the talent you need, when you need it.


An Invested Interest™ in the success of your practice is taken through deep relationships and honest conversations. We meet you where you are with no products to sell or biases in our advice to you. Sometimes we are completely behind the scenes; other times we are brought in as expert resources with custom presentations.


Knowledge is power and technology is the plug. Our introduction to FinTech began in 1995, and we strive to augment intelligence (AI) with smart decision-support tools used efficiently and, most importantly, allows advisors to deliver true advocacy and solutions for their end clients. Quite simply, we leverage a Best-in-Breed tech stack on your behalf


Time is so precious and valuable. Our goal is to save you the time you need to focus on what is most important--your clients. Our involvement will bring greater control and flexibility with time allocation and practice resources. Sometimes its a knowledge-base we lever, other times it’s pure legwork researching or monitoring securities.