An extensive expert network, research applications, fintech tools, and our founder’s 25 years
of asset management experience will work to save you time and present solutions that are
advisor-centric and client-focused.

We believe advisors can enhance their Unique Value Propositions with an integrated and practical
approach to the structure of their wealth advisory practices.

  • Every advisor benefits from a defined investment process and discipline.

  • Goals-based wealth management contains standards of Discovery, Planning,
    Strategy Implementation, and Supervision.

  • Interpretation and analysis of the factors driving capital market assumptions
    should be evaluated with humility.

  • Proactive decision-making leverages the benefits of passive and active
    portfolio construction, remodeling, and risk management.

  • Assessment of unique investment reward and risk metrics should be done on
    each selected security as well as the portfolio in aggregate.

  •  Simplicity can be a competitive advantage when evaluating asset allocation frameworks.

  •  Responsiveness to your clients’ unique investment policy statements and inbound ideas
    provide opportunities to differentiate from the old crowd.

CASE STUDY: $650M Wealth Advisor has significant wealth transfer opportunities with widows.
Legacy portfolios are $3-15M in individual holdings, with representation across product types,
asset classes, and styles. Originally built via Do-it-Yourself brokerage relationships, unique
quantitative and qualitative circumstances will dictate a fresh Investment Policy Statement.

Talent: Our team has a special affinity for this opportunity. We possess empathy for the grieving
spouse and appreciate the desire for a gradual roadmap of portfolio adjustments.

Touch: The Advisor naturally wishes to help; however, he also realizes special care, time, and effort
is required to work with a unique case that will not, cannot, or should not fit into a “scalable” model.
We deliver the balance of scale and customization that is new thinking in a truly client-focused practice.

Tools: Cases will benefit from a framework of our best investment committee thinking and tailored advice.
We suitably apply Discovery, Planning, Strategy Implementation, and ongoing Supervision tools.

TIME: This is one of our sweet spots in supporting Wealth Advisors from Hello-to-Close. Importantly,
we have the desire, ability, and talent to support a gradual implementation for a long lasting
relationship that often generates new introductions to similar high net worth opportunities.

CASE STUDY: $140M and $220M Wirehouse Advisor teams move to RIA channel and desired support
for three Advisor-as-PM portfolios and Chief Investment Office Portfolios

Talent: Our team leveraged Chartered Financial Analysts, domain experts, product specialists, traders,
and custodians, all of whom have experience at wirehouses, regional firms, banks, and RIAs.

Touch: Advisor-centric conversations focused on having the teams’ backs while they went through the
exhaustive transition process. From there we met the advisors where they were to determine goals and
objectives for replacing the former support of Ivory Tower home offices. We helped to setup investment
committee-like rhythms for decision-making, defining process and discipline for workflows, and
determined allocation of tasks such as macro and micro research, security selection, and trading.

Tools: We input all holdings into our best-in-breed tech stack of security analytics, risk management tools,
and institutional research portals.

TIME: Empowered’s tools provide daily monitoring of holdings across stocks, exchange-traded products,
and mutual funds. We proactively notify Advisors of new research and the impact of Stress Test scenarios
on client portfolios and households, models, and prospective holdings.

CASE STUDY: New Corporate RIA builds infrastructure to expand geographic footprint and recruitment of IARs

Talent: our team brings intimate experience with stakeholders across Advisors, RIA Management, Compliance Consultants, Institutional Custodians, FinTech players, and End-Clients

Touch: advisor-centric conversations are focused on the exciting, yet often overwhelming, process of enterprise building; conference calls, in-person meetings on-site as well as visiting with IARs off-site and while attending industry gatherings

Tools: we have good relationships with the natural providers of tools and services and our involvement brings discount opportunities and faster implementation; we believe “air-traffic control” dashboards are an exciting innovation to help RIA enterprises prove supervisory controls

TIME: Empowered’s involvement allows for augmentation to conversations with stakeholders, which moves things along the timeline; certain tasks are delegated our way, and we also help solve the “cannot physically be in two places at once”

CASE STUDY: Wealth Advisor’s client desired risk management for $2,000,000 in Service Now (NOW) stock.

Talent: our team leveraged two Options Specialists for further insights on market, contracts, liquidity, etc.

Touch: personalized conversation was advisor-centric and client-focused for goals-based wealth management that is an integrated and practical approach to enhancing the advisor’s UVP for their end-client

Tools: utilized at least five sets of best-in-breed software apps to determine optimal options contract selection; included Zacks Research, Hidden Levers, Options Play, StreetSmart Edge, Bloomberg, and proprietary tools on the Options Desks

TIME: Empowered’s intelligent and compliant work was accomplished with confidence/conviction in 30 minutes.
(Imagine the savings in pure effort-time, knowledge-building, execution risk, and compliance anxiety?)

CASE STUDY: Next Gen leader of Family Office desired an oCIO to serve as translator and watchdog for interactions with large Trust Companies, Banks, and Ultra HNW Advisory Firms

Talent: led by Michael Hakerem’s personal involvement, we bring an agile workforce of talent when and where suitable

Touch: personalized work is empathetic to the passing of older generations and the sensitivity to maintaining relationships with institutions hardened in traditional cultures of cross-selling, mass scale, and overly standardized offerings

Tools: we leverage the best-in-breed networks and software that we use with professional advisors to provide unbiased advocacy for a family that specializes in real estate; all holdings are monitored for analytics, risk management, expenses, stewardship

TIME: Empowered’s involvement saves time in analysis and, probably most importantly, reduces stress and anxiety due to our sharing of experience and knowledge with investments and the inner-workings of bank business models